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Below find a list of the World's Best and most friendly thong beaches for wearing thong bathing suits for women and men.  Go explore, take all your sexy swimwear from your topless bathing suit, your thong swimwear bikinis and thong one piece swimsuits and your new g-string bikini.  All will be welcomed so you won't feel embarrassed or out of place.  If you're timid, these are the perfect places to work out that problem.  Then come home and exert your new found freedom at your favorite beach or even in the privacy of your own backyard.  Whatever your comfort level, these thong beaches will help you raise that to a new level.

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Worlds Best Thong Friendly Beaches

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is home to Carnival, Copacabana and some of the tiniest bikinis on the planet. On a warm day, it seems that half the population of Rio is enjoying a dip in the ocean or a game of volleyball. Although Ipanema beach is infamous thanks to the song, spread your towel on Copacabana Beach.

 Black's Beach, San Diego U.S. is one of the best areas for parasailing in San Diego--thanks to the high cliffs as well as its status as a semi-nude beach. Black's Beach is also one of the most popular surfing beaches in San Diego, and it's perfect for taking long walks and sunbathing on the rocks. If you're planning on leaving part of your bathing suit on the rocks--be careful. Since Black's is a state beach, in some areas nudity is prohibited.

Kuta beach, Bali, Indonesia is one of the most popular places on the island to gather and watch the sunset. It's also the heart of Bali's nightlife. But during the day, it's ideal for people watching. Beyond the huge swath of white sand, there's a huge selection of restaurants and nightclubs.

  South Beach, Miami Beach is arguably the best topless beach in the U.S., thanks to the party atmosphere that attracts the young, beautiful and buff. Just about anywhere you go on South Beach is ideal for beach spotting, but one of the best areas is upper Collins Avenue, near the Delano and Raleigh hotels.

Anse du Gouverneur, St. Barthelemy French West Indies. The French-owned island known as St. Barts, exudes a typical Gallic sang-froid towards beach nudity. Topless tanning is allowed on all beaches but especially on Anse de Grande Saline and Anse du Gouverneur, ("anse" is French for beach). Anse du Gouverneur is our top pick because it's the prettier beach, and on a clear day you can see the islands of Saba, St. Eustatius, and St. Kitts.

Plage de Tahiti Beach, Saint-Tropez, France. Film icon Brigitte Bardot is one of the best embodiments of Saint-Tropez style--sexy, barefoot and glamorous. Some would consider the French Riviera the birthplace of topless tanning, and although the beaches tend to be rocky, the glamour quotient more than makes up for it (renting a chaise lounge will take care of the rock problem). The best time to travel there is during July and August, where you'll see such Saint-Tropez regulars like Joan Collins, Naomi Campbell and Roman Abramovich.

Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece. Although most beaches on Mykonos turn into one big party during July and August, Paradise Beach has most of the action. During the day, the beach is chock-a-block with tanned bodies. There are plenty of beach bars, tavernas and water sports, too, in case sitting on a towel makes you bored. At night, there's music, and the crowds dance in the sand until the sun comes up--and then do it all over again. Once a month the beach hosts a full-moon party.

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town, South Africa. Anyone thinking of sun tanning topless in Cape Town should beware. A South African newspaper just revealed that for the past five years, photographers have been snapping photos of topless women sunbathing and selling them to pornography sites. If you spend a sunny afternoon on a Cape Town beach, make sure no one with a telephoto lens is in sight. Cape Town has plenty of beaches to choose from, like Clifton, Camps Bay and Llandudno. Our vote is for Camps Bay because of its proximity to a huge range of stylish bars, lounges and restaurants.

Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza, Spain. The entire island of Ibiza is pretty hedonistic, but some beaches have more of a party vibe than others. Playa d'en Bossa is the longest beach on Ibiza. It is lined with bars and cafes, as well as beautiful bodies on display. Since there's very little in the way of natural shade, rent a beach umbrella and a chaise lounge. At night, the beach is one of the best places for partying in mega-clubs like Space and DC10.

 Playa El Agua, Margarita Island, Venezuela, is arguably the most popular beach on Margarita Island, and with good reason. Apart from the beautiful people who flock there, the three-mile-long beach is lined with palm trees, bars and cafes. The visitors who come here tend to be European and South American, with hardly any Americans.

Source for topless beach list: 2005 Inc.
The Following list of thong swimsuit friendly beaches and pools is courtesy of and although this list as the one above are deemed to be accurate, please check with local officials and authorities before venturing out only to find out that these so called thong friendly beaches are pools are not and then realizing that with what little you have on, the blushing is showing everywhere!!  Happy Tanning:

Now that you have purchased that thong, you want to find a place to lay out and either work on that killer tan. Or you want to show the world your stuff. Or you want everyone to know that you aren't afraid to wear a beautiful thong. Well, below are some places to travel so you can show off that new thong!


Black's Beach - Coast of San Francisco.
Venice Beach - Los Angeles.
Marina del Rey - West Hollywood.
City of San Diego - All beaches are thong-friendly. Most popular is a secluded beach near USCD below Torrey Pines Golf Course.


Many of the legal nude/thong beaches are located on the East Coast of Florida. However, over the many years, almost all of the West Coast beaches in this state have enacted thong laws to the point that you can only get by with wearing bikini swimwear. And some those counties law officials do carry tape measures to make sure your is within requirements of the ordinances, otherwise you are given a verbal warning and made to leave the beach area. Or, you can be ticketed or even arrested! The areas listed below are the current legal areas for thonging.

Madiera Beach - Tampa.
Vero Beach - South of Melbourne.
Haulover Beach - North Miami Beach
MacArthur State Park - Palm Beach.
Pompano Beach
Fort Lauderdale Beach - Fort Lauderdale
Dainia Beach - Special Note: Certain areas of Dania Beach do not allow thongs to be worn. Check with local officials before you make your plans!
Hollywood Beach
Miami Beach - Miami
South Beach - Miami

Daytona Beach - Special Note: An area in the North Daytona Shores is supposed to be a confirmed nude/thong beach area. Please check with Volusia County Officials for more details.

As of October 2002, the City of Daytona Beach has enacted the worse excuse of an anti - thong law ever. You can still wear thongs on the beaches there since they are in the jurisdiction of Volusia County. But the parking lots adjoining the beaches are City property. That means that the City Police will be watching and waiting for you to step out of your car if you're going towards the beaches or coming off the beaches with rulers in hand to measure the back of your swimsuit. If they do and it's too small by the law they drafted, then it's off to jail and a fines up to $1000. Safe suggestion, Cover up with jeans or loose sweats when you go there. That way they cannot measure your suit when you are covered.

Panama City Beach - behind Club Lavela -- The largest nightclub in the country.


Cranes Beach - Ipswich


Old Orchard Beach - Town of Old Orchard.


Oval Beach - Off of Highway 31 in Western Michigan in Douglas Dunes

New Hampshire:

Hampton Beach - Hampton

New Jersey:

Gunnison Beach - Sandy Hook
One of the largest Nude beaches on the East Coast, and very thong Friendly.

New York:

The Fire Island National Seashore - Long Island, NY

This popular is located close to the western end of Fire Island. To get there take the Robert Moses Causeway to Robert Moses State Park, park in lot 5 and walk east about 300 yards. There are signs indicating where the clothing optional beach starts. Pretty much the beach centers on the lighthouse so it's easy to locate because the light house is very visible. This beach will have hundreds of bathers on a weekend, there is no life guard protection.


Most of the lakes and park areas are thong-friendly. Best bet is to contact the local official in the area you plan to visit for current information, and verification of local ordinances.


Hippie Hollow (North of Lake Travis)- Austin. This was a well known skinny dipping spot for over 40 years. In 1997, local pressure from nearby residents and County politics ended the skinny dipping. But a group of long time skinny-dippers fought to repeal the ban. Now you can either go naked or thonged. HH is also close to several restaurants you can patronized after a day swimming and tanning. Two have outdoor patios where you can sit out and watch the sunset and reflect on your day.


Toronto, Ontario:

Most of the beaches are thong-friendly but, as I stated earlier, do check with local authorities to make sure.

Vancouver, BC:

Acceptable at most beaches in English Bay, though they are more common at Sunset Beach by the aquatic centre. Also has a single and gay sections of beach.


Victoria Park in the river valley. Thongs have become quite common here.



Cannes Beach - Cannes (Home of the Cannes Film Festival)

Cap de Agde - The only all naturalist (nudist) town in Europe. Nice resort areas and good beaches for sun worship. Only the shy wear thongs!!


English Garden in Munich (Munchen)


Ibiza Beach - Southern Spain



Super Paradise Beach - Mykonos, South of Athens.

Surrounding Islands - Paros, Crete & Samos. All beaches are nude to thong- friendly.


All Beach Areas and Resorts.

Swimming Pools as currently listed:

The Whirling Tiki Pool in amusement park Duinrell, Wassenaar
de Vliet, Leiden
de Windas, Bergschenhoek
het Keerpunt, Zoetermeer
de Viergang, Pijnacker
Aquapulca, Dordrecht
Cariba-bad, Gorinchem
de Lockhorst, Sliedrecht
Dol-fijn, Maassluis
de Sniep, Waddinxveen
Bollenbad, Noordwijk
de Kuil, Bodegraven
Wasbeek, Sassenheim
de Does, Leiderdorp


Koh Samui Beach
Phuket Beach


Gold Coast Beach - Brisbane
Bondi and Tamarama Beach - Sydney
Manly and Chinaman's Beach - Balmoral

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